Little Ridge Bakeshop

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When Alison Elias moved back to New Brunswick from Edmonton in August 2015, she brought her love of baking and cooking along with her. She’s cooked since she was a teen and she even worked as a chef in Scotland for a time. When she worked at one of Winnipeg’s most popular bakeries, she fell in love with baking and has tried her hand at everything from wedding cake decorating to bread baking.

She moved into an old Victorian farmhouse just outside of Riverside-Albert — built a licensed, commercial kitchen and began baking. She met Moncton Corn Crib manager, Nikki Stevens when she opened her bakeshop to area residents to come in and enjoy a coffee and a sweet. They got to talking and by January 2016, Alison Elias of Little Ridge Bakeshop was selling her wares at the Corn Crib.

Every Monday and Thursday, Alison makes the trek from rural Albert County to our store and brings:

  • Road Trip Cookies — this meal-in-a-cookie packs a protein mega punch featuring nuts, seeds, raisins, molasses, oats, and rice flour. They’re also vegan and wheat free! We keep ‘em right at the main counter — just in case — because you never know when you’ll need to do a road trip (or have a tasty, filling snack or meal)!
  • Hearty, Satisfying Soups — Mmmm… nothing says satisfying like hot soup on a cool day! Sold in 1 litre containers, Little Ridge Bakeshop makes everything from Cockaleekie (Scottish for chicken soup) and Turkey White Bean Chili to Asian Chicken, Squash, Carrot — and more. Mmmmm mmmm… good!
  • Seriously Savoury Salads — These salads are again packed with protein. Alison makes sure there are two protein sources in each salad — whether chicken, salmon, shrimp, beans, nuts, bacon, eggs, or cheese. She makes  dressings from scratch to top combinations such as  Caesar-style chicken with hearty kale, Salmon Chef Salad and Greek Chicken Pasta Salad, to name a few.
  • From time to time, Little Ridge Bakeshop also provide decadent treats like Hazelnut Hedgehogs, and is always willing to fill special orders and requests

Alison prides herself on buying as many of her ingredients as possible from local farmers, ranchers, and businesses, including veggies, meats, eggs, and honey. Even her molasses comes from New Brunswick!

“I use mostly traditional recipes,” says Alison. “I try not to be too trendy and I love to use surprising flavours —  like salmon in my chef salad, for example.”

If you took a drive down Highway 114 during the summer of 2016, you may have seen Alison’s labour of love and commerce — a pop-up storefront called the Old Church Market and Eatery. It was a huge hit!

The next step for Little Ridge Bakeshop is to find a permanent home that includes a storefront. Until then, you can always find LRB’s delicious baked goods and cooking at the Corn Crib.

Visit Alison Elias of Little Ridge Bakeshop on Facebook and drop by the Moncton store to sample her wares.