Baffled by all those colourful jars behind our Moncton counter?

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When you first walk into Corn Crib Natural Foods Moncton, it’s a bit like stepping back into time. Huge jars filled with colours of the earth line the shelves behind the counter. It’s almost like being in an old apothecary shop. The jars have been in that same place, since the Corn Crib started carrying spices back in the 80s. We keep them there today because as we dispense them, they are great conversation starters — we get to connect to with you, share recipe ideas and favourite flavour combinations, talk about the health benefits you’re getting when you eat spices and herbs, and we get a chance to get to know each other a little better.

Quality First

The Corn Crib carries 157 different culinary spices like cinnamon (the real stuff) and peppercorns, herbs like basil and marjoram, loose teas, and other powders such as ascorbic acid and bentonite clay.

All of our spices are of the highest quality, as many as we can get are organic and non-irradiated,  and they come direct from the spice merchants, so there’s less handling and exposure to the elements.

Come in ask to smell any of our spices and herbs and you’ll instantly be transported to the spice markets of Marrakesh!

Our spices are Fresh, Fresh, Fresh!

You may believe that because you buy spices and herbs in small, sealed jars at the grocery store, that they are fresh. But in fact, spices have likely been sitting on the grocer’s shelf for 6 months or more AND they may have been in a warehouse for a year or more before that!

We sell our herbs and spices in such large quantities, they’re quite literally the freshest you’ll find in Moncton. Plus, they are kept out of direct light, and are UV protected.

To give you an idea of the volume of herbs and spices that pass through those jars each year, in 2015, we sold over 1000 pounds of them. That’s how popular they are, and how good they are!

Here’s a freshness tip: On your next spice buying expedition at Corn Crib, put a small piece of tape on the bottle with the date you purchased them. Spices and herbs are at their peak when used up within six months. The fresher you keep them, the more flavour they have and the less you need to use. Freshness dating the bottles tells you when it’s time to purchase fresh.

You save money

Buying herbs and spices in bulk — without expensive and heavy bottles — allows us to pass the savings onto you. For example, an equal amount of ground ginger, sold in a spice bottle from the market, 38 grams, is $7.49 in the grocery store, but the Corn Crib, you pay less than half of that! Plus, you can bring your empty jars in and we’ll fill them for you, which saves on both glass recycling and plastic.

Herbs and spices add flavour to your cooking

Cooking with herbs and spices will enhance the flavor of healthy foods without adding fat, salt, sugar, or calories. They contribute bright color, savoury taste, and sensational aroma. And many, like turmeric, have incredible curative properties that scientists are now exploring excitedly.

There is nothing that gives better tingle for your tastebuds than a good combination of spices and herbs! If you’re not sure how to use them, we’ll be happy to make recommendations and share some of our favourite recipes with you.

Fresher, less expensive, more flavourful… sounds pretty convincing, doesn’t it?