If you would have asked Moncton Corn Crib Manager, Nicole Stevens, 10 years ago if she could see herself in the role of manager of the Moncton store, she probably would have laughed in disbelief. Coming from a background where number-crunching and organizing in her roles of debt counsellor and mommyblogger were her key strengths, it doesn’t seem possible she would.

And yet… it all started to make sense in 2009, when Niki (as most people know her) was looking for a very part-time job to give herself a few hours a week outside of the home where she is a busy mother with 3 kids and a husband. She started working for the Corn Crib and her natural affinity for business and organizational skills kicked in. Niki began to take on some of the ordering responsibilities. “I began to see things we were missing in our product selections. I started doing some ordering, then picked up some new suppliers and eventually took over all of the purchasing for the Moncton Store.”

Eventually, her kids were grown enough that Niki was ready to take on a full-time job. There wasn’t anything available at Corn Crib, so she took a full-time job elsewhere until Danielle Pellerin (who now manages our new Dieppe location), went on maternity leave, Niki answered owner Kelly McCarthy’s call and joined the Corn Crib full-time as manager in 2015.

“Operations is my strength, for sure,” says Niki, “but I also love the interaction with our customers. I’ve gotten to know them like family. And it really helps me to keep a finger on the pulse here, by spending time each day with customers who come into the store.”

Even before she began working for the Corn Crib, Niki was already a big believer in health and wellness. Her blog, Minimalist Mommy, was about keeping on top of running a home with 3 young kids, on a budget — while living healthfully.
“I love my job! It’s not like going to work at all. My background may be corporate, but helping people who come in here for the first time, looking for guidance fills me up. They’ve been on the internet, and are often overwhelmed with all the information and choices. They need somewhere to start. I help show new customers that they don’t have to do everything at once. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Baby steps add up to big, lasting changes.”