When now owner, Kelly McCarthy, approached Danielle Pellerin to come to work at Corn Crib Natural Foods in 2011, Danielle was on maternity leave with her first child Eleanore. With a background in retail, the idea of coming into an industry she knew nothing about, was both daunting and highly appealing. “I bring the retail aspect to the Corn Crib. When I first started I knew very little about natural food, but within two weeks of working at the Moncton store, I loved the customers, the vibe of the business, and had learned so much — I was hooked.”

Danielle’s background in retail has proven invaluable as she’s modernized the businesses processes. “Whether you are retailing health products, or light bulbs, the processes are still the same,” she says.

Her time is spent working behind the scenes (scheduling shifts, hiring staff, managing three stores by phone email and periodic visits) and helping customers in-store. She also makes regular presentations at Moncton’s CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) and at AGMs for The Health First Network (a co-op of over 120 independent health food stores across Canada).

Danielle’s star shines brightest when she’s planning and executing in-store promotions, events with guest speakers, social media, and spreading the word of the Corn Crib. “I may not have known much about natural nutrition when I started, but I’m a convert now. I’ve really noticed the difference it’s made in my life. I love telling people my story.”

One of the things that makes Corn Crib Natural Foods a great place to work and shop is the diverse staff who have come together. “The kindness and the willingness of our people to go the extra mile when it comes to helping them be their healthiest selves is beautiful. They genuinely care about our customers and our customers care about them. They seek out a staff member who has been helping them because they’ve developed a relationship.”
Apart from being instrumental in opening both the Saint John and now Dieppe stores, Danielle’s greatest achievement has been in working local suppliers to bring their products into the Corn Crib. “My passion is spreading the word about the great local gems we have in New Brunswick and helping their businesses prosper as the Corn Crib grows.”